About Us

“India Against Cancer” is an initiative conceived by a group of medical doctors and researchers at the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), a premier institute under Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

We would like to acknowledge

  • Dr. S. Swaminathan, Deputy Director-General (Programmes), World Health Organization
    Former Secretary (Department of Health Research) & Former  Director General ICMR
  • Dr. V. M. Katoch, Former Director General ICMR
  • Prof. G. K. Rath, Chief, Dr. B. R. A. Institute-Rotary Cancer Hospital, AIIMS
  • Dr. M. Siddiqui, Chairman MC and Managing Director, Cancer Foundation of India, Kolkata
  • Mr. A. Srivastava, Open Health Systems Laboratory
  • Dr. P. Rajaraman, Program Director, South Asia, NCI, USA
  • Director, National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai
  • Director In-charge, National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research Bangalore
  • Head, NCD Division, ICMR
  • Dr. T. Kaur, Scientist F, ICMR
  • Dr. H. Singh, Scientist E, ICMR


  • Dr. Shalini  Singh, Director
  • Dr. S. Gupta, Scientist G
  • Dr. R. Hariprasad, Scientist D
  • Dr. S. Agarwal, Scientist D
  • Dr. R. Gupta, Scientist C
  • Ms. S. Sardana, Scientist B
  • Dr. A. Kumar, Scientist I
  • Ms. J. Agarwal, Scientist I
  • Mrs. C. P. Verma, Technical Officer-A
  • Dr. N. Thakur, Senior Technical Officer-A
  • Dr. U. Kailash, Technical Assistant


  • Mr. A. K. Sharma, Scientist I