Certain Medical Conditions which increase the risk of gastric cancer

• Long-term inflammation of the stomach which causes thinning of the stomach lining leading to chronic atrophic gastritis [ 22]
• A type of anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency (Pernicious anemia) [ 23]
• Intestinal metaplasia, a condition in which the cells that normally line the intestinal wall replaces cells the cells of stomach wall [ 24]
• Stomach (gastric) polyps [25,26]
• Risk of gastric cancer increases if the amount of gastric acid becomes low due to any condition like surgery of the stomach [25,26]
• Obesity:Obesity is a major risk factor for several types of cancers including gastric cancer. Recent studies have revealed an increased prevalence of H. pylori infection in obese patients, providing another clue for the increased incidence of gastric cancer in obese population. [27 ]
• Reduced immunity: Weakened immune system increases the risk of gastric cancer. In general, weak immunity increases a person’s chance of picking up infections. This probably may increase the risk of picking up Helicobacter pylori infection [28].
Environmental Factors:
• Exposure to radiation, working in industries like coal or rubber and living in geographical region where GC is common[29 ].

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