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Bad Diet in Teen Years Could Raise Later Breast Cancer Risk

Here's a good reason to check what your kids are eating: women who remember having eaten poorly as teenagers were more likely to develop early breast cancer, researchers reported Wednesday.

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Genes that up gall bladder cancer risk identified

MUMBAI: Researchers from the US and the Tata Memorial Hospital have identified two common genetic mutations that increase an individual's risk of suffering from gall bladder cancer by 1.5 times. The findings are being touted as pathbreaking that can give crucial leads to clinicians and scientists to understand and treat the disease better.

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World Cancer Day 2017: A closer look at the importance of cancer awareness

World Cancer Day 2017 on a mission to reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020.
To raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment, the World Cancer Day is marked on February 4, every year.

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OBESITY TO BLAME - Cancer cases may rise 6 times among women in 20 yrs

Incidence of cancer is projected to be six times more among women over the next two decades, mainly because of obesity , according to an assessment by Cancer Research, UK.

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A Cure For Cancer?

Why India must launch a nationwide programme to screen for the dread disease

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Cancer research centre set up in Noida

Dr Ajit Sharan, the secretary of the ministry of AYUSH and Dr Saumya Swaminathan, the secretary of the Department of Health Research at National Institute of Cancer Prevention Research (NICPR) inaugurated the facility on Friday.(Sunil Ghosh/HT)

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Centre issues order for complete India ban on tobacco-laced Gutka, Paan Masala

The move comes following a recent Supreme Court order banning chewable tobacco products

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Cancer: A gene-expression profile for leukaemia

Can simple genetic risk profiles be identified for complex diseases? The development of a gene-expression profile for acute myeloid leukaemia suggests that they can, and that they may improve prognosis prediction.

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A time to tax

India — the world leader in deadly cancers — must show political will, adopt high tobacco taxes which improve national health.

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70 million women in India use smokeless tobacco to suppress hunger: Report

NEW DELHI: Around 70 million women in India aged 15 years and above use smokeless tobacco (SLT) and one factor influencing them to consume it is the desire to suppress hunger while performing laborious tasks, a new report today said.

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Last updated: 14/03/2017

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