Dos and Don’ts





Adopt a healthy lifestyle:

(b) Adopt safe sexual practices: 

  • Avoid sex with multiple partners
  • Avoid sex with partners having multiple partners

(c)  Avoid/limit exposure to known environmental carcinogens

(d) Go for regular health checkups and cancer screening: After 30 year of age please consult your health care provider for age appropriate screening.

Note: If you use tobacco in any form please make sure you have an oral examination performed by a health care provider


  • Do not use tobacco, Arecanut in any form
  • Avoid second hand smoke exposure (Don’t sit in the vicinity of a person who is smoking.)
  • Quit alcohol
  • Avoid spicy, fried, preserved, processed and junk food, salt preserved food like pickles and very hot beverages(above 65 .c)
  • Avoid stress
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle
  • Over exposure to sunlight