Health Ministry ties-up with Dell, Tata Trusts to provide technology solution for NSD programme

By Jagranjosh

The NGRAAE Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on September 20, 2018 signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the Tata Trusts and Dell to provide technological platform for nationwide prevention, control, screening and management program of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

To bring healthcare technology transformation in Comprehensive Primary Health Care NCD programme under the Ayushman Bharat, the Health Ministry is working with Dell as technology partner and the Tata Trusts as deployment partner.

Dell developed the technology platform, while the Tata Trusts provided the implementation support of the NCD programme.

Highlights of the Comprehensive Primary Health Care NCD programme under Ayushman Bharat

• This Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) screening program addresses Hypertension, Diabetes, Oral, Breast and Cervical cancers and covers all men and women over the age of30 years.

• The programme, which is one of the modules in Ayushman Bharat’s Comprehensive Primary Healthcare (CPHC) Initiative, is currently being deployed in about 200 districts across the country.

• Through implementation of the software, it will also be possible to track health trends across the country.

• A cloud-based mobile, web and analytics solution has been developed to digitise health records to aid the population-based screening program and to bring quality health services at door step.

• It will enable increased productivity for health workers and doctors and will facilitate monitoring of delivery of services by state and district administrators.

• The technology solution is hosted on a Government Data Center and managed by Centre for Health Informatics, MoHFW.

• It will provide health records for citizens, mobile applications for health workers, a web portal for the medical officers and dashboards for health officials.

Partnership with Dell

This technology solution has been developed by Dell, through Dell Giving, Dell’s CSR program, and in collaboration with reputed institutions and experts from:

  • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)
  • DGHS (Directorate General of Health Services)
  • WHO (World Health Organization) India
  • ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research)
  • NHSRC (National Health Systems Resource Center)
  • NICPR (National Institute of Cancer Prevention Research)
  • Tata Trusts, NIC (National Informatics Center)
  • CHI (Center for Health Informatics)
  • IndiaStack team at iSPIRT
  • State Health Departments
Partnership with Tata Trusts
  • The Tata Trusts is supporting the quality implementation of the programme in States through training, and programme management activities to ensure technology adoption amongst health staff and steady progress through continuous monitoring.
  • Through the Tata Trusts’ trained and skilled personnel on the field, health workers, doctors and local administrators have ready access to support and guidance on challenges they may face.
  • The NCD IT solution covers program-level data for screening, referral, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up activities of non-communicable diseases.

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