Health risks of smokeless tobacco products – 5 key facts you must know: Causes cancer, oral diseases and more

If you are someone who always thinks you are not at health risks because you do not smoke the tobacco, and instead chew it, sniff it, or consume it in any other way, you may be wrong. Smokeless tobacco products like nicotine gums and other chewing or sniffing materials can have health risks, just as smoking does.

According to a Rutgers study, American smokers mistakenly think that using snus, a type of moist snuff smokeless tobacco product, is as dangerous as smoking tobacco. Smokeless tobacco consumption is widespread all across the world. An addiction to nicotine in smokeless tobacco can also lead to smoking cigarettes and addiction of the same. Here are 5 facts about the health risks of smokeless tobacco that you must consider before you decide to consume it, and must quit in case you are an active consumer. Read More

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