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nicprwcdOn the eve of World Cancer Day, a Centre of Integrative Oncology was inaugurated in Noida. Dr Ajit Sharan, the secretary of the ministry of AYUSH and Dr Saumya Swaminathan, the secretary of the Department of Health Research at National Institute of Cancer Prevention Research (NICPR) inaugurated the facility on Friday.

The event was attended by dignitaries, cancer research students and medical experts. The centre has been set up to encourage studies and research with regard to cancer treatment.

Sharan, while addressing the students, stressed on the need for the joint effort of modern medicinal sciences and ayurveda.


“The first idea of a collaboration of AYUSH and NICPR was given by a team of scientists from the United States of America. This collaboration will definitely lead to the development of novel drugs for cancer prevention and management. There is also a strong need to interpret ayurveda in the language of modern medicine and treatment, which will lead to an increase in credibility and possibility of a joint research (in the field of medicine),” Sharan said.

Sharan also announced 10 fellowships in the field of medicine and ayurveda. “We have announced five senior research fellowships and five postdoc fellowships every year in both, modern medicine and ayurveda,” Sharan said.

Dr Swaminathan also announced bridge courses to be introduced for the practitioners. “We are planning bridge courses, which will be introduced to practitioners working in the centres of integrative medicine. Young researchers should opt for integrative medicine due to its vast potential,” Swaminathan said.

Swaminathan also stressed on the need for research in the field of tobacco use by cancer patients.

“It is a known fact that a considerable number of cancer cases are caused due to tobacco use. A strong intervention should be done in the role of tobacco in cancer, which will reduce the cancer incidence in India,” Swaminthan said.

Source: Hindustan Times