Lung cancer quiz

Question #1: I smoke bidi/cigarette everyday. Can I get lung cancer?

Explanation: Yes, research has shown strong association between smoking and occurrence of lung cancer. Smoking is single biggest risk factor for lung cancer.

Question #2: I am a 30 year old professional. Can I get lung cancer

Explanation: Though lung cancer is rare in people less than 45 years of age, cases have been reported in younger age group also.

Question #3: I don’t smoke and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Can I still get lung cancer?

Explanation: It is uncommon but passive smoking can also lead to lung cancer. Make sure you avoid company of smokers and encourage them to quit smoking.

Question #4: I have been a chronic smoker and have been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Should I quit smoking now?

Explanation: Quitting smoking has immediate health benefits including enhanced circulation and lowered blood pressure. Quitting will also help you cope better with ongoing treatment.

Question #5: I smoke only filter cigarettes. Does that mean I will not get lung cancer?

Explanation: There is equally high risk of lung cancer with filter cigarettes.