Occupational risk of lung cancer

S.No.    Occupational  carcinogens   Risk
              Definitely known
 1.  Asbestos Insulation workers and shipyard workers are exposed to asbestos. There is some increase in risk of lung cancer after 10 years of exposure, substantial risk after 20 years of exposure. Concurrent smoking increases the risk to 90- fold.
 2.  Arsenic Smelter workers and vineyard workers are exposed to arsenic. The risk is dose related. Lung cancers have upper lobe predominance and there may be multiple primaries
 3.  Nickel refinery workers  Squamous cell carcinoma is more common.
 4.  Radiation  Uranium mining. Oat cell carcinoma is more   common.
 5.  Haematite mining  Due to radon exposure.
 6.  Hard rock mining  Chromium exposure in ore mining and pigment manufacturing: squamous cell is most common
 7.  Chloromethyl  Exposure in workers in industries: oat cell carcinoma is most common.
 8.  Ethers and mustard gas  Squamous and undifferentiated carcinomas most common.
 9.  Soots , tars  Exposure in coke oven workers.
 10.  Oils and coke  Exposure in gas house workers, roofers and rubber workers
                 Suspected causes
11. Acrylonitrite, berrylium, and dimethy sulphate