Physical activity

Physical activity is essential to maintain ideal body weight by burning excess calories and is a desirable adaptable lifestyle change or modifiable risk factor for health and in reducing chronic non communicable diseases including cancer.

Energy Expenditure of Various Physical Activities (Kcal/hr) [1]

Activity Kcal/hr Activity Kcal/hr
Cleaning/Mopping 210 Shuttle 348
Gardening 300 Volley Ball 180
Watching TV 86 Dancing 372
Cycling 15  (Km/hr) 360 Fishing 222
Running 12 (Km/hr) 750 Shopping 204
10 (Km/hr) 655 Typing 108
8 (Km/hr) 522 Sleeping 57
6 (Km/hr) 353 Standing 132
Walking 4 (Km/hr) 160 Sitting 86
Tennis 108 Table tennis 245
  • Approximate energy expenditure for a 60kg reference man. Individuals with higher body weight will spend more calories than those with lower body weight. Reference women (50kg) will spend 5% less calories

Nutritional Facts and Calorie burn

  • You can lose I kg of your weight in approximately 17 days if you cut down 500 calories from your daily calorie intake.
  • Physical activities burn more calories
  • Choose foods that are larger in volume but contain low calories.
  • Step up with 10,000 steps burn 300 calories
  • One banana contains calories equivalent to that of eight pieces of watermelon
  • One mango contains calories equivalent to that of three apples.


[1] Dietary Guidelines for Indians. 2010. National Institute of Nutrition, India.