Question #1: Are there tests for early detection of cancer?

Question #2: Is infection with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) a main risk factor for cervical cancer?

Question #3: The best time to do “breast self examination” is just before her period starts. Is this statement true?

Question #4: In general, do the people who consume lots of fruits and vegetables have a lower cancer risk?

Question #5: Early detection of breast cancer is an important key to successful treatment. Does this statement hold true?

Question #6: If one gets cancer, he/she will surely die of cancer. Is this statement true?

Question #7: Can some of the cancers be prevented by adopting lifestyle changes?

Question #8: Does a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer increase if her first degree relative (mother, a sister, or daughter) suffered from breast cancer?

Question #9: Does quitting tobacco reduce the risk of smoking-related cancers?

Question #10: Hair loss due to chemotherapy is permanent. Is this statement true?