Screening and follow up processes

Type of
Age of
Method of
Frequency of
If Positive
Oral 30 -65 years Oral Visual Examination (OVE) Once in 5years Referred to Surgeon/Dentist/ENT
specialist/Medical officer at CHC/
DH for confirmation* and biopsy.
Cervical 30-65 years Visual Inspection with Acetic acid (VIA) Once in 5years Referred to the PHC/CHC/DH for
further evaluation and management
of pre-cancerous conditions where
gynecologist/trained Lady Medical
Officer is available.
Breast 30-65 years Clinical Breast Examination(CBE) Once in 5 years Referred to Surgeon at CHC/DH for
confirmation using a Breast ultra
sound probe followed by biopsy as

*The biopsy specimen either to be sent to the nearest Medical college or using the mechanism under the
Free Diagnostics Initiative under NHM,to the nearest NABL certified laboratory

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