Tobacco behind more than a quarter of India’s cancer cases

Tobacco-related cancers constitute the highest burden among all types of the disease in India. As many as 27 per cent of cancer cases were caused due to tobacco consumption, according to a new report released by the National Cancer Registry of India (NCRI) on August 18, 2020.

Gastro-intestinal tract cancers (19.7 per cent) and breast cancer (14.8 per cent) are the other most prevalent cancers in India, according to the NCRI, that functions under the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Lymphoid and haematopoietic malignancies (immune system and blood cancers), cervix cancers and ovarian cancers are the other common cancers in India.

The report released the cancer prevalence landscape by taking into account cases registered from 2012-2016. It projected that cancers will rise by 12 per cent to 1,569,793 cases in 2025, from 1,392,179 in 2020.  Read More

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