Vaping-related lung illnesses: time to act

By 2021, Euromonitor, a strategic market research provider, estimates that 55 million people worldwide will regularly vape, with the USA being the largest consumer. Worryingly, vaping is most prevalent in young people, and especially among teenagers—doubling in popularity in US high school students between 2017 and 2018. The range of flavours, the perception that it is comparatively healthy, and that it is more socially acceptable than tobacco are driving this rapid increase in use. However, a study by Jennifer Layden and colleagues published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Sept 6, 2019, challenges the biggest of these misconceptions by providing more evidence linking pulmonary illness to e-cigarette use—adding to the number of reported cases, which now stands at more than 200 in 25 US states since June, 2019. Read More

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